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Condusiv Blog: Welcome to the Condusiv Blog

The Condusiv blog provides technical data and insights into performance and reliability issues surrounding file system and data storage performance. We hope to cover all topics related to system performance including defrag, whether you are running SANs, NAS, workstations, servers, SSD's or other systems. We will provide interesting anecdotes, white papers, and related story topics on defragmentation and other performance issues. The blog is intended to be personal rather than a formal Condusiv website. You will read personal viewpoints on our products and where we see the industry and our company going. We are excited to have this opportunity to share our product knowledge and insight, and hope this information helps you. We encourage your comments and look forward to you following this blog.

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About Diskeeper

Über 90% der Fortune-500-Unternehmen vertrauen auf die innovativen Produkte von Diskeeper. Als Erfinder der ersten automatischen Defragmentierung von 1986, entwickelte Diskeeper 2009 eine neue bahnbrechende Technologie, die Fragmentierung tatsächlich verhindert.