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Learn about DKServer.exe and Defrag Components


DKService.exe: What is it? Discover Defrag Components & More

Diskeeper automatic defrag software can be said to be composed of three major components.
Those components are:

  1. DKService.exe is a Windows Service that installs with Diskeeper defrag software. DKService.exe, which is a Windows Service responsible for managing schedules and product communications

  2. A user interface that supports user configuration. It comes in two forms:
    • Diskeeper.msc is Diskeeper's graphical user interface.A graphical user interface (GUI) that is designed as a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in (Diskeeper.msc)

    • Diskeeper.exe allows you to defrag from a command line interface.A command line interface (CLI) named Diskeeper.exe

  3. DfrgNTFS.exe is one of the Diskeeper defrag engines.The Defrag engines (using names such as DfrgNTFS.exe and similar) are the processes that do the actual defragmentation


These three components are vital to supporting the full defrag functionality of the Diskeeper product.

More detail:

The DKService.exe windows service is vital as it handles inter-component communications. It also addresses external communications (such as checking for product updates or transmitting report data to a Diskeeper Administrator console). The Diskeeper Service is set by default to "start" when the system boots up. By default, Diskeeper is also set to log actions of this service in the Windows Application Event Log.

The preferred interface is up to the user. The GUI supports all Diskeeper defrag operations and options and can additionally be added to custom MMCs by running the MMC Add/Remove Snap-in wizard. The CLI allows for defragmentation schedule integration into existing batch jobs or scripts.

The defrag engines are of course vital to the actual job of file defragmentation. You'll note that they will operate at the processor execution priority you specify in the product's graphical user interface. Depending on the version and edition of Diskeeper, the number of participating engines will vary.

Users in network environments with local firewalls who wish to defrag using Diskeeper's full management functionality of Diskeeper Administrator should allow DkService.exe to act as a "Server". Though not recommended, the DkService.exe can be terminated when Diskeeper is not in use. This will prevent the product from running. You will need to restart the service to run defragmentation.

On a related note, DkService.exe is not malware/spyware. Advanced anti-spyware utilities properly recognize this.

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