Undelete Products for Public Sector

Recover Files in Seconds with Undelete

  • Faster System Performance
  • Increased Reliability
  • Extended Disk Life
  • Faster Backups
  • Faster Boot-ups
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Fragmentation Prevented
  • Reduced I/O Activity
  • No Impact on System Resources

Undelete® real time data protection gives you the file protection you need. It even protects files that the Windows recycle bin and backup systems miss:

  • Files deleted on Windows network shares.
  • Earlier versions of Microsoft® Office files.
  • Files too large to fit in the recycle bin.
  • Files created and deleted by certain applications.
  • Files deleted from the command line.
  • Files deleted from the recycle bin.
  • Files previously deleted from your system.

Undelete 10 captures and protects all deleted files, allowing instant file recovery with just a few mouse clicks.

Undelete for Servers

Provides real-time data protection for critical networked file servers – allowing files to be recovered instantly in the same state they were in at the time they were deleted.

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Undelete for Workstations

Protects files stored on PCs that the Windows recycle bin and backup systems miss. Safeguards you from accidental deletions, overwrites and other catastrophes – providing instant recovery of your files.

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