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Keep PCs Running Better than New

Everyone knows the frustration of a Windows® laptop or desktop becoming progressively slower over time.

Whereas V-locity® I/O optimization software accelerates applications running on both virtual and physical servers, V-locity Endpoint has been adapted to accelerate Windows PCs to keep corporate desktops and laptops running better than new.

V-locity Endpoint is next evolution beyond Diskeeper Professional as it reduces the amount of I/O to disk with patented DRAM caching and patented fragmentation prevention to ensure defrag processes never have to be scheduled. As a result, organizations get more productivity from employees, more life from existing hardware and reduction of the hassle of HelpDesk calls that hamper the IT staff.

I/O Optimization Software for Improved PC Performance

When a file is broken into pieces (fragmented) and scattered across a disk volume in random blocks, a performance penalty is incurred due to the fact that more mechanical disk movement and more I/O operations than necessary are required for any file that should otherwise be written and read in a quick, sequential state.

Typical defragmentation utilities address the problem of fragmented files after the file has already been written in a performance penalized state, consumes nearly all resources to operate, and has to be scheduled after hours when nearly all corporate laptops and desktops are shut down for the night. V-locity Endpoint puts a stop to degradation in Windows system performance by preventing nearly all fragmentation from occurring in real-time before files are written in a performance penalized state. V-locity further reduces I/O operations to disk by caching hot data within available system memory (DRAM).

Keep corporate laptops and desktops running better than new with V-locity Endpoint.

  • Cache “hot data” within available system memory
  • Proactively prevent performance-robbing fragmentation
  • Eliminate the need to schedule disk maintenance during off-hours
  • Optimizations occur with near zero overhead using only idle resources
  • Easily deploy to hundreds of PCs via a central management console
  • True “Set It and Forget It” functionality
  • Benefit Analyzer benchmark report shows before/after performance
  • Reports offer visibility into the I/O profile of all systems
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Extends the life of corporate laptops and desktops
  • Put an end to persistent HelpDesk calls on PC performance