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Diskeeper Centralized Management Console
Diskeeper Administrator Features

Manage network efficiency and performance with complete centralized control of Diskeeper without ever leaving your desk.

  • Supports Large Networks
    Diskeeper Administrator edition performance software is designed to provide IT professionals a faster and easier user experience when managing Diskeeper in their network. These improvements include: A new search feature similar to that found with Microsoft’s® Active Directory® to quickly find a computer by selectable criteria, live scan/report times that now complete faster, support for entering Fully Qualified Domain Names, and enhanced support for Diskeeper clients to push report information to the selected Diskeeper Administrator.
  • IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6)
    Diskeeper Administrator fully supports communication, such as remote management on native IPv6 networks.
  • Remote Installation And Management
    Remote installation and management of Diskeeper Professional and Server with policy-based management.
  • Automatic Email Alerts
    Automatic email alerts of potential problems including low reliability index, low free space, possible disk corruption or inability to complete defragmentation.
  • Advanced Reporting Features
    Advanced reporting features put defrag information at your finger tips: Client status, graphical performance summaries and ratings, alerts, client settings, license management and free space status. Now you can get reports emailed to you automatically. The new dashboard reporting shows the actual “time saved” benefit on every system so the value is easily quantifiable and never in question.
  • Remote Control Of Individual Clients
    Allows interactive control from a remote machine. Diskeeper Administrator makes site-wide defrag faster and easier than ever!
  • Automatic Defrag Management
    Diskeeper Administrator's "Set it and Forget It"® policy management system can automatically deploy and configure Diskeeper for all your network systems. Simply set policies for deployment and configuration, bind them to your Active Directory within Diskeeper Administrator, and Diskeeper Administrator will automatically install and configure Diskeeper to newly added computers, and return/restore Diskeeper licenses from decommissioned systems.

Diskeeper performance software truly designed for the network. Keeping your servers and workstations automatically set to maintain peak performance and reliability has never been easier. Just install Diskeeper using Diskeeper Administrator Edition. Diskeeper will give every server and workstation on your network enhanced file system performance - automatically.