Condusiv Diskeeper 12: Optimizing File I/O

Why Upgrade To Diskeeper 12?

Maximizing system efficiency and performance is vital to any IT team. Condusiv Diskeeper®—already in use by 90% of the Fortune 500—introduces a new release that accelerates application and data performance to never-before-seen levels. Diskeeper 12 optimizes read-write I/O at the server—dramatically improving application performance. With its patented, proactive IntelliWrite® technology, Diskeeper 12 keeps systems and infrastructure running better than new, reducing capital and operating expenses.

New in Diskeeper 12

  • New! HyperFast® 2.0 SSD Optimizer
    Previously sold as a separate add-on, HyperFast solid state drive optimizer now comes standard with Diskeeper. HyperFast is the only technology designed specifically to produce faster performance in solid state drives running on Microsoft® operating systems. HyperFast now includes TRIM functionality to improve performance. The HyperFast feature will only be enabled if a solid state drive is recognized.
  • New! Disk Health Monitoring
    Monitors SMART disk data; checks for other critical file system problems; warns of critical problems or an imminent disk failure; generates alerts by e-mail, or text messages in support of mobile devices for 24/7 monitoring. Allows you to be proactive before a disaster occurs.
  • New! System Monitoring
    Monitors system environment activities and provides a summary of the statistical data gathered for system performance monitoring purposes.
  • New! HyperBoot® Technology
    HyperBoot technology improves system boot times. HyperBoot operates completely in the background, requiring no user interaction and will not impact system resources.
  • "Aggressive" InvisiTasking® Technology
    This exclusive processing technology uses idle resources for background optimization routines on even the busiest systems. It can now monitor changes in fragmentation states on all volumes and if necessary use system resources more aggressively to ensure progress in handling fragmentation that is severely degrading performance while still enforcing zero resource conflict when it is running.
  • New! Updated User Interface
    Fresh new user interface with a simplified navigation that allows users to see what is happening at a glance, but still provides drill–down architecture of information for those that want it. A platform independent design with a modern look and feel for all levels of users, from Enterprise, to Small Businesses, to Home users.

Exclusive Diskeeper 12 Features

  • IntelliWrite fragmentation prevention technology
    IntelliWrite fragmentation prevention technology actively prevents up to 85% of file fragmentation before it can occur with zero resource overhead by optimizing file writes.

    Writing the data in a contiguous or sequential manner is also more efficient as it requires less system resources than writing the data in a fragmented or random state. IntelliWrite combined with the other Diskeeper technologies provides the ultimate solution to storage optimization.
  • New! Titan Defrag Engine technology
    The Titan Defrag Engine (TDE) is now available with Diskeeper Server. TDE runs on extremely large volumes and is the only solution capable of efficiently handling volumes of many terabytes and millions of files. Titan Defrag Engine takes only hours to defragment volumes of a few terabytes where other methods take days. (Server edition)

    The Titan Defrag Engine is the only technology that can defragment volumes of multi terabytes.
  • Terabyte Volume Engine® technology
    The Terabyte Volume Engine (TVE) is specifically engineered to rapidly defragment volumes with hundreds of thousands of files quickly and easily. (Professional and Server editions)
  • I-FAAST® File Optimization
    I-FAAST improves file access and creation with a 10% - 20% faster average access time, and it surpasses the benefits gained with defragmentation alone, by optimizing placement of your most frequently accessed data. Now I-FAAST also honors file exclusion which improves compatibility with third party applications while allowing finer adjustment by the sys admin in specialized situations.
Upgrades are FREE for all current maintenance agreements. Volume license discounts and site license incentives are available.

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