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Welcome to the Undelete third-party firewall support section.

Undelete 4.0 and later versions of Undelete use a different communication method than previous versions. This method increases the flexibility of the Undelete connections while simplifying the configuration and operation of Undelete. Some configuration steps may be needed prior to running Undelete in networked scenarios. With Undelete Home Edition, or with other Undelete editions in non-networked scenarios, no configuration steps will be needed, but some third-party firewalls may incorrectly report alarming messages you should be aware of.
If you are running Windows XP Service Pack 2, you should exit from this document and see the Service Pack 2 section of our website for more information.

Standalone [non-networked] machines running Undelete:

In some cases, if you have firewall software installed on your standalone system, it may display messages and indications that Undelete is attempting to make communications to the Internet on your system. This indication is false; Undelete does not make connections to the Internet. When the Undelete user interface (UI) is opened (by double clicking the Recovery Bin icon on the desktop, for example) a connection is established between the UI and the Undelete Service to access the Recovery Bin. The Undelete Service listens for such connections, a situation that some firewalls incorrectly interpret as an attempt to connect to the Internet.

It is perfectly acceptable for you to allow or block the messages or warnings that the firewall may generate. Undelete will continue to function either way. If it does not, please visit our Technical Support page.

Networked machines running Professional or Server Editions -
  In order for systems running firewalls to be able to utilize communications between the Professional or Server editions the following firewall configuration must be done:
  Undelete Professional and Server Editions -
  The following ports need to be enabled on your firewall:
  • Port number 13621, TCP
  • Port number 14482, TCP
or, this component may be added to your firewall’s "white-list/exception list":
  • C:\Program Files\Diskeeper Corporation\Undelete\UdServe.exe
  Undelete Desktop Client -
  No changes are needed to use Undelete Desktop Client on a system. To accept the PushInstall of Undelete Desktop Client, the following items or ports must be enabled on your firewall:
  • Port number 139, TCP, for File and Print Sharing
  • Port number 445, UDP, for File and Print Sharing
If you have properly configured your network and firewall settings and you are still running into trouble using Undelete, please check with your firewall provider to see what other actions can be taken to use third-party software in conjunction with the firewall. Please go to the Technical Support page if you are still having trouble.