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Speed Up Your Computer With I-FAAST Technology

I ntelligent F ile A ccess A cceleration S equencing T echnology (I-FAAST) is a revolutionary ascension in automatic defrag technology that can actually accelerate access to the files you use most, beyond what your systems could do when they were new!

I-FAAST Defrag Technology

Featured exclusively in select editions of Diskeeper® performance software, I-FAAST® file optimization technology actively learns about each system's disk performance and file access patterns, then uses this data to accelerate file access where it's needed the most. I-FAAST automatically adapts itself to changing usage patterns and works seamlessly as part of the background defrag process. I-FAAST literally takes your systems to new, previously unobtainable levels of performance.

I-FAAST improves file access and creation by up to 80% (average 10%-20%).

I-FAAST Defragmentation Jobs use intelligent technology to maximize the performance of the most commonly accessed files on your volumes. I-FAAST jobs are to be used in conjunction with Primary or Secondary Jobs.

Integrating I-FAAST with Diskeeper "Set It and Forget It®"

I-FAAST works in conjunction with Diskeeper's other intelligent defrag features, including InvisiTasking® technology and IntelliWrite® fragmentation prevention technology ® and IntelliWrite to determine the best way to keep each individual system running at the best possible levels of speed and reliability without interrupting the user's normal workflow.

As a Diskeeper user back to version 4, I was amazed at the overall improvement. I-FAAST immediately increased my file access time better than 25% and was very noticeable.

- Starke Donnally

 I-FAAST has noticeably improved network performance - we have an Accounting System from SAP, which has slowed performance to an average system response of 5 seconds. We have bought Pentium IV with Hyper threading, increased RAM to 1 GB [on workstations], and made a lot of improvements on the Server, but nothing helped until we introduced I-FAAST. Response time went to immediate. Sometimes when changing from one company to another within the SAP Software, response time averaged 10 seconds to bring the main menu up, now response is immediate.

- Joseph V. Paone, CIO
Vereens Stores

I enabled I-FAAST on my XP machine, and was informed that it should improve my performance by 38%. I have set it to run daily, monitoring the results. I was surprised and impressed to see the way it worked. It was much like seeing Steve Gibson's Spin Rite disk testing program, which ran all night on much smaller drives.

- John W. Davison, Jr., President

We have rolled out the I-FAAST Defragmentation on all the drives on the servers, and are extremely pleased with the improvements. On average we are seeing 10-22% improvements in disk access from the I-FAAST alone, and defragmentation is taking much less time once the initial defrag. With numbers like that from the Standard Server, I am eager to see what the Enterprise Edition will do with the Terabyte engine .

- Contractor
Wright Patterson AFB

Testing I-FAAST for yourself

I-FAAST is available exclusively in Diskeeper 12 Professional, Server Editions. Condusiv Technologies offers complimentary fully-functional evaluation versions, so you can see I-FAAST technology and other Diskeeper functions for yourself.
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