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What is IntelliWrite® Fragmentation Prevention Technology?

Historically, fragmentation has been addressed proactively, after it has already happened through the defragmentation process. In the “early days”, fragmentation was addressed by transferring files to clean hard drives. Then manual defrag programs were introduced. The next step was scheduled defragmenters with varying degrees of automation. Truly automatic defrag was finally achieved with the development of InvisiTasking technology by Condusiv Technologies in 2007.

However, in spite of all the progress made with defrag methods, when fragmentation occurs, the system is wasting precious I/O resources by writing non-contiguous files to scattered free spaces across the disk and then secondly, using more I/O resources to defrag. Clearly the best strategy is to prevent the problem before it happens in the first place and always work with a clean, fast disk.

Based on knowledge of the Windows file system, Diskeeper’s patented IntelliWrite technology controls the file system operation and prevents the fragmentation that would otherwise occur.

Key Features:

  • Significantly improves system performance above the levels achieved with automatic defragmentation alone.
  • The improvement will be particularly significant for busy servers / virtual systems on which background/scheduled defragmentation has limited time slots in which to run. In extreme cases this can make a difference between being able to eradicate fragmentation or not.
  • Substantially prevents file fragmentation before it happens, up to 85% or more.
  • Can be enabled / disabled per individual volumes.
  • Can be run in coordination with automatic defragmentation (strongly recommended for optimal performance), or independently.
  • Supports NTFS and FAT file systems on Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  • Overall lower system resource usage and consequently lower energy consumption.

Key Benefits:

  • Prevents most fragmentation before it happens
  • Improves file write performance
  • Saves energy at the same time that improves performance (5.4% in controlled tests)
  • Compatible and interoperable with other storage management solutions

IntelliWrite reduces drastically the effects of fragmentation on any system running in the Windows Operating System by preventing the fragmentation before it happens. This will automatically represent an improvement in system speed, performance, reliability, stability and longevity.

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