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What is InvisiTasking® background processing technology?

InvisiTasking was coined from "invisible" and "multitasking", and this amazing technological breakthrough promises to change the way the world operates and maintains their computer systems. InvisiTasking allows computers to do something that has never been done before – to run at maximum peak performance, continuously, without interfering with system performance or resources – even when demand is at its highest!

InvisiTasking allows Diskeeper® performance software to eliminate fragmentation on the fly, in real time, so that fragmentation never has a chance to interfere with the system. Best of all, InvisiTasking does this automatically, without the need for any input from the user – regardless of the size of the network. Whether it's just one PC or thousands just install Diskeeper and the software will take care of the rest!

Advanced Breakthrough Technology

It’s important to note that InvisiTasking is far more advanced than any previous low priority I/O approaches that do “I/O throttling” in an effort to reduce resource conflict. InvisiTasking, through the use of its advanced technology, goes beyond just I/O in order to address system resource usage using a pro-active approach. InvisiTasking checks to make sure the operation that occurs takes place invisibly, with true transparency while running in the background.

With InvisiTasking, Diskeeper will set an entirely new standard for computer performance and reliability.

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