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Choosing a Defragmenter

Learn How to Choose the Right Defragmenter

The problem

It is well known throughout the IT field that fragmentation is a problem. It doesn't go away on its own, hardware upgrades won't handle it, accumulated fragmentation on a computer hard drive will slow a system to the point of crashing and all systems suffer from it. The only effective solution is defragmentation. But what is the best defragmenter to use?

The most important defragmenter requirement

The first thing to know about a defragmenter is that it must be able to eliminate fragmentation as it occurs. Real-time defragmentation is critical for the maintenance of system speed and reliability at peak levels, regardless of how busy a system might be. The built-in defragmenter operates either manually or on a fixed schedule, only defragging when the schedule window is open, which is usually off production hours. Meanwhile performance suffers with the rapid rate of file fragmentation during peak traffic times.

Ensuring the solution doesn't become the problem

A defragmenter that ties up system resources while in the act of defragmenting files is itself like the performance liability it is trying to handle. So another important attribute of the right defragmenter is that it should work invisibly, without competing for active system resources. Diskeeper 2011 technology is the only solution with the powerful one- two punch of fragmentation prevention (up to 85%) and real-time background defrag with zero resource conflict. Best of all, it costs far less than what you'd spend trying to implement any other solution.

Busy 24/7 servers remain operational without requiring system downtime, boot times are shortened and backup times are much faster. Servers and workstation productivity extends by up to three years longer. Diskeeper operates on-the-fly, in real time with zero system overhead – saving you time and money.

Because computer speed and efficiency is vital to production and operating costs, Diskeeper is an indispensable must-have.

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