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Learn How to Increase the Speed of Your Slow PC

Slow PC? If Your PC Runs Slow, Diskeeper will Speed Up Your Slow PC

Do you remember what it was like when your PC was brand-new? Do you remember the feeling of exhilaration at its speed and responsiveness compared to your old slow PC? Does your PC seem slower today? Chances are, your PC is much slower today than when it was brand new-much slower. Why?

The simple answer is, "fragmentation." I'll explain that in more detail but, in case you don't have time to read the long version, I'll give you the simple solution right off the bat: Diskeeper® Home Edition. Install Diskeeper on your slow PC and start it up. Within minutes your slow PC will be restored to full performance and it will stay that way indefinitely. Speed, responsiveness and exhilaration will be yours once again.

How can this be? How can such a simple thing make such a tremendous difference in the speed (and reliability) of your computer? I'll explain.

The speed of your computer is determined by three things: the CPU, the memory and the disk drive(s). I am oversimplifying a bit, but I really want you to understand. The CPU operates at speeds of a fraction of a billionth of a second. (That's fast.) The memory operates at speeds of one hundred-millionth of a second. (That's fast, too.) The disk requires hundredths of a second for each operation. (That's slow.) The disk is a million times slower than the next fastest component. So, if you were looking for a bottleneck in your computer's speed, where would you look first? Right! The disk.

If your CPU speed is cut in half, and your memory speed is cut in half, your PC will still seem downright peppy so long as the disk is running at full speed. But if that disk slows down, even a little bit, you notice it. And if it slows down a lot, you really notice it. You probably start to grumble about it and, if it continues to worsen, you start looking for a new PC to replace your slow PC. One person told me recently that her computer takes so long to boot up she turns it on before her shower in the morning so it will be ready to use by the time she is dressed! Another said she makes coffee while waiting for her computer to boot up. Both these people were amazed to see their computers boot up in seconds after installing and using Diskeeper.

You see, the reason a disk slows down is fragmentation. Here's what I mean by "fragmentation": Imagine storing information in a paper file. You take a piece of paper, put it in a file folder and put the folder in a file drawer in a file cabinet. Now when you want to get that piece of paper back, you just go directly to the file cabinet, open the drawer, pull out the folder and there's your piece of paper. So far so good.

Now add another piece of paper to the same folder, and then another and another. Eventually, the folder fills up and you need to make another folder to hold the overflow. That's fragmentation. Your one file of data is split into two fragments, the two folders used to hold the data. Then say you add another folder and another and eventually find that there is no more room in the drawer, so you move some of the folders to another drawer, possibly even to a different file cabinet. Now when you need to get a piece of paper out of that file, you have to rummage around in different folders, different drawers, even different file cabinets to find the exact piece of paper you need. That's fragmentation. It slows things down. A lot.

Computers fragment files in much the same way, only they do it in true computer style: computer files can be fragmented into hundreds of thousands or even millions of pieces. Then, when you try to retrieve information from that file, the computer has to go looking all over the disk, in a hundred thousand or a million places, to find the exact data you are looking for. No wonder you experience a slow PC! A single fragment requires one hundredth of a second to retrieve, so two fragments take two hundredths of a second, a hundred fragments take a whole second, a thousand fragments take ten seconds. I could go on, but the arithmetic is daunting. You get the idea, I'm sure.

The simplicity and wonder of Diskeeper is it finds all the pieces of a file and puts them all back together neatly in one place. We call that a "contiguous" file, meaning "all back together neatly in one place."

A contiguous file can usually be read by your computer in one disk operation-a hundredth of a second. And if all your files can be retrieved in a hundredth of a second each instead of seconds or even minutes, your slow PC is going to be fast once again, just like when it was brand new. Sound good? What is it worth to you to have your once slow PC or laptop like new again?

What's more, Diskeeper is designed to run automatically in the background while you are using your computer. You don't have to sit there and wait while it cleans up your disk. You don't even have to start it up each time. It's fully automatic. Just Set It and Forget It®.

Take a look at what some of our customers have to say:


"I love Diskeeper! It's very easy to use and I've noticed a difference with my system. It definitely runs smoother and large files load faster."
Jodi Bayer

"I have seen more system stability; however even more remarkable is how much faster everything seems to be after having run Diskeeper. Thank you!"
Lou Sussholz

"The Diskeeper defragmenter program is a NECESSITY, not simply a luxury."
Larry Beal

"It fixed my slow PC."
Paul Hardy

"Biggest benefit: Speed without undue overhead. It makes defragmentation a truly ‘set it and forget it’ operation."
Gerald D. Baldwin

"Diskeeper does what it is supposed to do without intervention … I don't have to do anything with it after I install it!"
Mark Sills

"Diskeeper is the perfect defragmenter utility for home use, especially for inexperienced computer users."
Teresa Holmquist

"One of the major causes of a slow PC is a fragmented hard drive. I have been using Diskeeper software for many years now and find it to be much more robust then the built-in defrag version."

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Diskeeper® performance software proactively cures and prevents up to 85% of the fragmentation that causes PC slows and instantly defrag any remaining fragments so your once slow PC stays fast, every minute of every day. Plus, it’s completely automatic so you don’t have to do a thing! Your slow PC will run faster guaranteed or your money back.

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