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Speed Up My Computer

Learn How to Speed Up Your Computer

How do I speed up my computer?

Fragmentation must be eliminated

The whole purpose of computers is to complete complicated tasks fast. "Speed up my computer" is the single most frequent user demand but unless disk fragmentation is efficiently eliminated, a computer will continue to slow down regardless of the amount of RAM or storage space added to it.

The only effective solution: Diskeeper® performance software

Diskeeper proactively cures and prevents up to 85% of all fragmentation before it happens and instantly defrag any remaining fragments within seconds or milliseconds of occurring. When what you really want it to “speed up my computer”, fragmentation prevention is far and away the most efficient solution. Immediately a computer saves all the resources that would have been wasted writing fragmented files to a disk. For prior fragmentation and for the slight amount that isn’t prevented, Diskeeper uses powerful Instant Defrag™ technology that runs without interfering with system performance or resources – even when demand is at its highest!.

People not familiar with how and when fragmentation slows computer performance think that the desire to speed up my computer can be accomplished with either a periodic manual defragmenter or a fixed schedule defragmenter. Neither tool has much effectiveness or relevance in today's computer system. Manual defrag requires hands-on operation and system resource priority or it can't hope to get the job done. Fixed schedule defrag is a work around for system resource conflicts and requires scheduled management and off-hours operation. Both methods have a critical flaw: they do not defragment when the system needs it the most – during peak traffic times(when you are using your computer).

Diskeeper prevents fragmentation before it can happen and eliminates the rest instantly -- with zero system resource conflicts. This frees your computer to run at the peak system performance it was designed to deliver, fulfilling the desire to speed up my computer.

The impact of Diskeeper on computer performance is significant. It provides real relief both in home and office environments. It can speed up PCs and workstations to level never before obtainable.

With Diskeeper on board, systems have less downtime, shorter boot times, faster file access speeds, use less energy and require no scheduling or effort on your part. Just by running Diskeeper, your computer hardware will last up to three additional years. Overall, Diskeeper brings about a lower total cost of ownership.

Diskeeper benefits:

  • Speeds up PCs and servers with easy and “Set It and Forget It”® feature.
  • Increases efficiencies for maximum computer speed and performance.
  • Prevents system resource waste from writing files into fragments on disk.
  • Increase application performance for fast application launch times.
  • Improves system boot times without any impact on system resources.
  • Prevents 85% of fragmentation related slows, lags and crashes.
  • Instantly defrags data within seconds or milliseconds, if not prevented.
  • Reduces time and resources to defrag by using a file-by file optimization approach.
  • Maximizes efficiencies through optimized defragmentation and prioritization methodologies.
  • Uses true “just in time” defragmentation with no maintenance or scheduling required.
  • Offers fast defrag of even large disk volumes with less than 1% free space.
  • Provides up to 3 more years of productive life out of PCs and servers.
  • Provides a green solution by using far less energy resulting in reduced costs.
  • Completely automatic. Editions available for every type of Windows® based computer.

Diskeeper is the most indispensable purchase you can make for your PC, server and laptop making them faster, more reliable, longer lived and green.

See for yourself. Try a full-version trial of Diskeeper risk-free for 30 days.

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