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Why Defrag?

Learn Why You Need to Defrag Hard Drives

Why should I defrag my hard drive?

Do you remember how fast your PC was when it was brand-new? Do you remember the feeling of exhilaration at its speed and responsiveness compared to your old PC? Does your PC seem slower today? Chances are your PC is much slower today than when it was brand new — much slower. Why?

The simple answer is, "fragmentation." All computers suffer from the constant accumulation of fragmentation. Every time you use your computer, it accumulates fragmentation. Waiting a week or even a day to defrag means your computer is operating at a reduced speed and performance. Those delays are quantifiable and add up very quickly. Even the built-in defrag solution can’t keep pace with the constant growth of fragmentation. Every time a manual defrag runs it ties up system resources, so you just have to wait ... and wait ... and wait. Who has time to wait, especially when Diskeeper® performance software can double system performance over the built-in defrag solution and it is completely automatic — so you don’t have to do a thing.

One of the primary concerns with relying on the built-in defrag solution is that it only offers manual or scheduled defrag options, which means the defrag needs to be set when you are not using your PC or it will slow you down immensely as it hogs system resources. The problem is peak production times (when you are using your computer) is exactly when you need active defrag the most! Worse, built-in defrag often can't do a complete job during the time it is scheduled.

Diskeeper prevents up to 85% of all fragmentation before it can happen and can instantly defrag the rest (and any prior fragmentation) invisibly, within seconds or milliseconds of occurring, with zero resource conflicts. As a result, systems can operate at peak performance levels constantly thus increasing PC speeds, even during heavy traffic times. Additionally, you can extend your computer's useful life expectancy as much as 3 additional years. Because reliable computer performance is the whole point of having a computer, defrag is your first priority – and Diskeeper is your only choice when it comes to preventative maintenance.

Fragmentation prevention and cure along with invisible, Instant Defrag™ technology allows servers and workstations to be run continually without accumulating fragmentation. As a result, downtime disappears, boot times are faster with less error. Automatic, Instant Defrag is so crucial, you should not run your system without it. Diskeeper handles performance robbing, crash-inducing fragmentation automatically. Reliability and uptime are maintained with fragmentation cure and prevention. Couple this with automatic Instant Defrag and troubles from fragmentation are completely eliminated.

An overwhelming number of Diskeeper customers tell us that they wouldn’t run their systems without it. They cite uptime, speed, a decrease in Help Desk traffic and an end to trying to run down a variety of problems that ultimately stem from high fragmentation levels.

Because reliable computer performance is vital, Diskeeper is an indispensable must-have performance enhancing software that offers more than just defrag alone. It offers proactive fragmentation cure and prevention.

Try it for yourself risk-free and see what a difference it makes.

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