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Why Diskeeper for Defrag?

Learn Why You Need Diskeeper over the Windows Built-in

Why buy Diskeeper when you have a built-in defragmenter?
Simple Answer: Diskeeper costs less.

We can prove it...

Combine the power of your Windows® O/S with the best-selling Microsoft® certified business solution for fragmentation, Diskeeper® performance software.

Use a built-in defragmenter — pay the hidden price!

8 reasons our customers stopped relying on a built-in freebie:

  1. Incomplete. Can’t get the job done.
  2. Won’t defrag free space.
  3. Resource intensive. Can‘t be run when the system is active.
  4. Servers? It can’t keep up with them.
  5. Hangs up on big disks. You never know what the progress is.
  6. Eats up IT admin time administering.
  7. Takes forever. May never finish.
  8. Effects of fragmentation still not eliminated!

Inefficient defragmentation means higher help desk traffic, more energy consumption, shorter hardware life, less time to achieve proactive IT goals, and throughput bottlenecks on key consolidation economies such as virtualization.

7 reasons our customers installed Diskeeper on every laptop, workstation and server.

  1. Proven to increase system speed, reduce downtime, lower energy consumption and extend disk life.
  2. Prevents up to 85% of all fragmentation before it can happen. Eliminates the rest instantly.
  3. Zero resource conflicts even during peak traffic times.
  4. Fast. Fast. Fast. Completely automatic.
  5. Handles even the largest, most mission-critical servers quickly.
  6. Administrator console provides full management and reports for entire installed base.
  7. Lowers the cost of ownership.

"The fact that Diskeeper is being preemptive in stopping fragmentation as it is occurring rather than after is a great breakthrough. Couple that with the significantly low resource usage to accomplish this technology and you can see why Diskeeper with IntelliWrite® fragmentation prevention pays large dividends on even the busiest servers and workstations."

– Bruce Worden, President/CEO, BYTE RYTE Consulting, Inc.

After the fact defrag solutions, including the built-in, allow precious resources to be wasted by writing fragmented files to the disk. Once a file is written, the defrag engine has to go to work to locate and reposition that file. When that file later expands, this doubling effort has to repeat itself all over again — this approach remains a reactive band-aid to a never-ending problem. Not even the built-in defrag can keep pace with the constant growth of fragmentation between scheduled defrags. Manual defrags tie up system resources, so users just have to wait … and wait … and wait.

When you are only doing scheduled defrags (or nothing at all), your PC accumulates more and more fragmentation, which leads to PC slows, lags and crashes. This problem cannot be handled with a freebie utility even if it can be "scheduled". Here's why:

  • Systems accumulate fragmentation continually. When the computer is busiest (when you are using it), the rate of fragmentation is highest. Most people don’t realize how much performance is lost to fragmentation and how fast it can occur. To maintain efficiency at all times, fragmentation must be eliminated instantly as it happens or proactively prevented before it is even able to happen. Only through fragmentation prevention or instant defrag can this be accomplished.
  • Scheduling requires planning. It's a nuisance to schedule defrag on one computer, but on multiple PCs it can be a real drain of time and resources. Plus, if your PC isn’t on when the defrag process is scheduled; it will not run until you turn your PC on again. By then, you will need to use your computer and you will experience PC performance slows while you work – that is, if you are able to work at all.
  • Scheduled defrag times are often not long enough to get the job done.

Because the built-in defragmenter does not have a direct licensing cost, it is often overlooked by systems analysts who evaluate and assign operational costs to software components. There are most certainly costs associated with this utility, brought about by its technical limitations. The built-in defragmenter is not free. Don’t spend another dime handling your network or running your home PCs without getting the full picture. Diskeeper® performance software proactively cures and prevents up to 85% of the fragmentation that causes PC slows and instantly defrag any remaining fragments so your PC stays fast, every minute of every day. Plus, it’s completely automatic so you don’t have to do a thing! See for yourself the difference it can make.

Download a risk-free 30-day trial of Diskeeper today.