Emergency Undelete

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How It Works
  1. Download Emergency Undelete
    We recommend you download the software to a thumb drive, CD, external hard drive or any disk drive other than the one you are trying to recover files from.
  2. Run Emergency Undelete
    Simply run Emergency Undelete anywhere, anytime from the thumb drive or whatever external drive you saved it on to recover files on any device your PC recognizes as a drive when connected.
  3. Search And Recover
    Search for the file(s) you want to recover, and then highlight the file(s) you want to undelete and click Undelete Files. It’s that easy.
Recover Your Data

Whether you delete a file from your PC, flash drive, external hard drive, camera or other storage device, your files are recoverable, as long as you have not already overwritten the files. When you delete a file, it isn’t permanently deleted from your computer; the space it occupied is simply made available for re-use. As long as the space the file you deleted occupied has not been needed by another file, the data is still there and it can be recovered.

If you delete a file from your computer accidentally, it is very important that you immediately stop all activity so as to not overwrite the file. Just the act of looking for a solution to recover a file could result in the file being overwritten. When you surf the internet your web browser creates what is called a cache. It stores graphics, web pages, etc. which could occupy the space of the file you are trying to find a solution to recover.

65% of data loss is caused by accidental deletions. Until it happens to you... the dreaded loss of that presentation you have been working on for weeks or those photos you took on your honeymoon... you don’t realize how easy it is to accidentally lose irreplaceable files or photos from your PC.

But, lucky for you, even if you emptied the Recycle Bin, your files are still recoverable.

Emergency Undelete is a fast, easy solution that allows you to quickly search and recover all deleted files by drive. The file name, original location and the date it was last modified is also provided making it easy to find and recover your deleted file(s).

It’s best to be prepared in advance so when you or a friend loses a file, you are ready to recover it fast.