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Step-by-Step Instructions – How to Recover Your Lost Files
  • Step 1
    Stop all activity on the system that you want to recover files from. If the system is connected to any network resources, disconnect it now. Shut down any programs running in the background as well.
  • Step 2
    Purchase Emergency Undelete. We recommend downloading it now to a disk drive other than the one you are trying to recover files from, since you should avoid any disk activity on the disk drive you want to recover files from.
  • Step 3
    Run Emergency Undelete. We recommend running it from a thumb drive, a different drive or an external hard drive. Simply copy and paste the entire Emergency Undelete folder onto a CD or thumb drive, then click on the Emergency Undelete application file to launch Emergency Undelete.
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  • Step 4
    Find your lost file. Enter the file name or use the * in place of the file name if you do not remember the file name and then use “Browse” to select the drive location that it was deleted from and click "Search".
    Emergency Undelete Find Deleted Files Screenshot
  • Step 5
    Highlight the name of the file (or files) you want to undelete. Click Undelete Files and select the recovery method to recover your files. Then click "OK" and you are done.
    Emergency Undelete Save Deleted Files Screenshot

Five quick and simple steps is all that is required to recover your most cherished or important files.

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