Diskeeper with HyperFast Products for Business

Increase Your SSD Performance: Extend Your SSD Lifespan

  • Faster SSD Performance
  • Increased SSD Reliability
  • Extended SSD Lifespan
  • Faster SSD Speeds
  • Runs Seamlessly in Background
  • Enables 6x Faster Reads
  • Enables 20x Faster Writes
  • Must-have for all SSD PCs,
    Laptops, Netbooks and Servers

Solid state drives are generally considered faster, more powerful and in some respects more reliable than hard drives. The problem is, they start out fast and then quickly start to experience slows in performance.

HyperFast® solid state drive optimizer is the first ever SSD optimizer designed to keep your laptops, desktops, netbooks and servers running at top speeds while also extending the lifespan of your hardware – saving you money on replacement costs.

In real world testing, HyperFast showed 6x faster reads and 20x faster writes - that’s a huge increase in SSD performance.

If you have a solid state drive, we recommend adding HyperFast. HyperFast comes standard with all Diskeeper server editions, and is available for an additional $10 when added to Diskeeper 2011 Professional and Pro Premier editions.

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