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Complete File Protection and Recovery

Think of all the valuable data on your computer: Financial records, work and school reports, digital photos you'll never be able to take again... what if those files were deleted and you couldn't get them back?

Accidental file loss happens more often than you think. Here's the worst part: The Windows Recycle Bin doesn't capture all deleted files.

Have you ever accidentally saved over an important file? We’ve all had occasion to open an important PDF, Word document or Excel spreadsheet intending to use it as a starting point for a new file and forgotten to rename it, sometimes wiping out many hours or days of work the instant we saved the "new" file.

Key Benefits

  • Real-Time Data Protection
  • Instant File Recovery
  • Extensive Search Capabilities
  • Protection from potential security risks when the Recovery Bin is stored in the cloud
  • Enhanced Browsing Capabilities
  • Version Recovery for MS Office, Photoshop, PDF files and more
  • Recovers Recycle Bin Deletes
  • Restores Previously Deleted Files
  • Electronic File Shredder
  • Dynamic Storage Space Throttling
  • Easy-to-use Interface

Earlier versions of Microsoft Office, Photoshop, PDF and more files that are saved over, files that are too big for the recycle bin, and files deleted by certain applications are just some of the types of files that the recycle bin misses. If you run a home network your risk factor is increased greatly, because files deleted from a remote system bypass the recycle bin completely!

Fortunately, there is a solution: Undelete safeguards your computer with a vigilant, resource-transparent shield, protecting your data from accidental deletions, overwrites and other catastrophes.

Undelete includes Emergency Undelete, which can recover files deleted before Undelete was installed, provided they haven't been overwritten on your hard drive, and SecureDelete® to completely erase confidential files.

Innovative "Set It and Forget It"® features and InvisiTasking® technology guarantee that Undelete will safeguard your computer silently and automatically.

Accidental deletions happen.... If you wait until that critical file is gone it may be too late.... Get Undelete now and start protecting your data today!