Undelete Professional

Immediate 140 MB Download

32 and 64 bit Windows

Price: $79.95
  • USD

Professional File Protection & Data Recovery

Accidents happen every day. If you have valuable or irreplaceable data on your computer, you can’t afford not to have Undelete Professional edition running on your system.

Until it happens to you... the dreaded loss of that video of your child’s first steps, that resume you’ve spent hours sprucing up or those photos you took on your honeymoon... you don't realize how easy it is to accidentally lose irreplaceable files or photos from your PC. In fact, as much as 65% of data loss is caused by accidental deletions – causing you time, unwanted frustration and money trying to recover or recreate them?

Undelete is the world's leading Recovery Bin technology that safeguards your computer with a vigilant, resource-transparent shield, protecting your data from accidental deletions – so your files can be recovered instantly.

Key Benefits

  • Real-Time Data Protection
  • Instant File Recovery
  • Extensive Search Capabilities
  • Protection from potential security risks when the Recovery Bin is stored in the cloud
  • Enhanced Browsing Capabilities
  • Version Recovery for MS Office, Photoshop, PDF files and more
  • Recovers Recycle Bin Deletes
  • Restores Previously Deleted Files
  • Electronic File Shredder
  • Dynamic Storage Space Throttling
  • Network Capabilities

When you think about all the valuable files, photos and videos you store on your computer, it just makes sense to do everything you can to safeguard that data from accidental loss.

With Undelete you can instantly recover files – exactly as the files were the instant they were deleted. Already delete a file or emptied your Windows Recycle Bin by mistake? No problem. We are also including Emergency Undelete recovery software, a separate file recovery software that can recover files previously deleted from your PC before you install Undelete.

Undelete Professional not only protects the data you do want – but also the data you don’t want to get into the wrong hands. Thanks to a feature called, SecureDelete®, you can permanently erase sensitive files you want to be gone forever. This feature allows free space to be securely overwritten with sophisticated bit patterns governed by the National Security Agency/Department of Defense.