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Accelerate System Performance: Lower Your Operating Costs
Condusiv Technologies Diskeeper
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  • Faster System Performance
  • Increased Reliability
  • Extended Disk Life
  • Faster Backups
  • Faster Boot-ups
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Fragmentation Prevented
  • Reduced I/O Activity
  • No Impact on System Resources
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Microsoft Partner

Windows Server 7

As IT environments become more complex, performance bottlenecks in the underlying infrastructure magnify throughout customer sites and seriously impact applications and business productivity.

New Diskeeper® 12 performance software is the only effective solution, ensuring a major improvement in system performance and a significant reduction in your customer’s entire site’s operating costs.

Diskeeper 12 Products

For information on OpenVMS products click here.

Recommend Diskeeper and provide these benefits to your customers:

  • High performance read/write speeds with no resource conflicts
  • I/O activity reduced an average of 40%
  • Backups 30% faster
  • System reliability elevated to design expectations
  • Overall system stability increased 30%
  • System longevity extended an average of 2 ½ additional years
  • Site-wide decrease in energy consumption (12%) and in server cooling requirements

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