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Diskeeper with HyperFast for Partners

For Solid State Drives
Condusiv Technologies Diskeeper with Hyperfast
Top of Benefits Box
  • Faster SSD Performance
  • Increased SSD Reliability
  • Extended SSD Lifespan
  • Faster SSD Speeds
  • Runs Seamlessly in Background
  • Enables 6x Faster Reads
  • Enables 20x Faster Writes
  • Must-have for all SSDs

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Microsoft Partner

Windows Server 7

A Vital Diskeeper Upsell for Every Microsoft® O/S with Solid State Drives

Why your clients with Solid State Drives (SSD) need your help:

The Solid State Drive is the fastest and most reliable disk available today and is increasingly becoming a demanded feature. But most PC operating systems are held back from exploiting the full potential of an SSD because of the way free space fragmentation quickly accumulates and slows down read and write times. Over time, drive performance and disk life degrade dramatically. Traditional defragmentation solutions cannot be used.

New HyperFast® solid state drive optimizer from Condusiv Technologies takes SSD technology beyond the barriers. It is the only optimizer exclusively designed for faster performance and extended lifespan of Solid State Drives running on Microsoft operating systems. It is nothing short of a "must have" for all the new SSD laptops or "netbooks" that have entered the mobile computing market.

HyperFast creates and maintains optimized free space, increasing the controller’s ability to write sequentially and thereby enormously increasing the peak speed and life of the SSD.

HyperFast operation requires no scheduling or maintenance thanks to the Condusiv Technologies proprietary InvisiTasking® processing technology. InvisiTasking employs only unused system resources to operate with zero overhead on the system, therefore transparently increasing the speed, performance and reliability of the SSD.

HyperFast enables up to 6 time faster reads and 20 times faster writes!

To demonstrate this fact, benchmark tests were performed on an 8GB SSD in a simulated real world scenario to depict a customer’s environment over 6 months. With HyperFast SSD optimization enabled, performance gains were automatically realized with 5.9x faster reads, 19.5x faster writes, 3.9X faster random reads and 9.0X faster random writes (higher numbers indicate higher performance).

HyperFast comes standard with Diskeeper Server and EnterpriseServer editions and is available as an option in every desktop version of Diskeeper® 2011 performance software editions. All systems need Diskeeper and SSD systems now have a Diskeeper editions specifically designed for them.

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