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For Real Time Protection and Instant File Recovery
Condusiv Undelete
Top of Benefits Box
  • Real-Time Data Protection
  • Instant File Recovery
  • One-button Search Functionality
  • Search Wizard for Fast Recovery
  • Version Recovery for MS Office
  • Recovers Recycle Bin Deletes
  • Restores Previously Deleted Files
  • Electronic File Shredder
  • Dynamic Storage Space Throttling

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Microsoft Partner

Complete File Protection & Recovery

Undelete 10 delivers enterprise level Windows file protection and instant recovery designed to save your customers time and money. They will no longer have to comb through old backups when a user accidentally deletes a file. Your customers can easily protect and instantly recover data while they improve business productivity and reduce downtime with unmatched technology that recovers files no matter how they were deleted from applications running on Windows platform, including those in a VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments.

Problem & Solution:

Why your customers need Undelete® real time data protection.

Accidental file loss happens more often and easier than you think. Here's the worst part: Windows doesn't capture all deleted files, and Volume Shadow Copy only offers occasional data protection.

Undelete replaces the Windows recycle bin with a catch-all Recovery Bin that intercepts all deleted files, no matter how they were deleted. It’s like a more powerful version of the popular ‘salvage’ feature offered in Novell Netware®. Undelete is the optimum data protection file recovery software for your business or home.

Restore deleted files faster than going to backup and more reliably than Volume Shadow Copy!

Undelete Key Benefits:

  • Worry-free data protection for accidentally or maliciously deleted files.
  • Saves money. So cost-effective it can pay for itself after just one use.
  • Saves time. With Undelete installed, recover files in seconds.
  • Quick restoration of deleted files – without having to go to backup.
  • Simple installation—customers can have Undelete installed and running on their servers in just a few minutes.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface with no special training required.

Undelete Key Features:

  • New! User Interface gives Undelete 10 a more dynamic look and feel for simpler navigation, ease of use, and quality of experience.
  • New! Search Wizard offers a single pane view that provides a fast and easy way to find a lost file.
  • New! One-button Search allows the user to locate files deleted within a 24-hour period or one week period with one click.
  • InvisiTasking® technology allows for all background operations within Undelete to run with zero overhead.
  • Recovery Bin captures and protects all deleted files – even files deleted by network clients.
  • Search Disk lets you search for and recover deleted files.
  • Version Protection for Microsoft Office Files for instant recovery of earlier or saved over versions of Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® files.
  • SecureDelete® 2.0 electronic data shredder ensures confidential files and file remnants that are deleted are unrecoverable.
  • Undelete Desktop Client gives end users access to recover their own files from servers.
  • Emergency Undelete® software recovers files deleted before installing Undelete. Because installing software on a computer can overwrite deleted files and make them unrecoverable, Emergency Undelete runs directly from the media drive without any installation.

Undelete 10 Editions:

  • Undelete 10 Server - Protects server files, including files deleted by network clients.
  • Undelete 10 Desktop Client - Allows connected workstations to recover files from Undelete 2009 Server recovery bins.
  • Undelete 10 Professional - Protects locally-stored files and allows files to be recovered from Undelete Server recovery bins.
  • Undelete 10 Home - Provides comprehensive protection of locally-stored files.

Sales Tips:

  • All Windows® PC customers have a need for Undelete and should be using it – especially on their file servers.
  • Network administrators can find and restore files deleted by any user-with the Undelete Desktop Client, users can restore their own files from the servers.
  • Emergency Undelete feature may be able to retrieve deleted files – even if Undelete was not installed at the time of deletion.
  • Use our Corporate Sales Reps and Channel Sales Team to help with any customer questions, evaluation software evaluations, or any other help you need before or after the sale.
  • Add a 1- or 2-year maintenance contract to licensing orders to provide upgrade assurance when a new version is released.

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