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Get 3x Your PC Speed with ExpressCache Technology

The ExpressCache® software product is an innovative technology developed by Condusiv Technologies to improve system speeds by incorporating SSD technology advances into Windows systems.

Solid State Drives (SSDs) provide significant performance benefits with high throughput capability but are not a cost-effective solution given the high capacities demanded by today’s users.

ExpressCache intelligently and automatically combines the best attributes of SSDs and HDDs without any effort or pre-requisite knowledge from the user, so users get the best of both worlds; dynamic performance and scalable capacity. Since SSDs as small as 4GB can be used, it provides an incredibly affordable solution for manufacturers.

Comprised of User mode and Kernel Mode components, ExpressCache uses the SSD as an intelligent cache, coupled with an HDD, to improve overall system performance and greatly speed up Windows PC startup, application launches and data access.

Key Features
  • Reduces boot times by up to 60%+ and keeps them optimum for the life of the system.
  • Intelligent automatic caching of the applications and data that the user needs.
  • Ability to "pin" applications in cache for optimal first use performance.
  • Selectable quantity of SSD storage to be used.
  • Compatible with other Windows applications as it operates as a Windows component.
  • Monitors application I/O activity, cache use and cache hit rates and adjusts caching to maintain maximum application performance from the amount of SSD storage available.
  • Maintains full safety and integrity of all data in event of SSD failure or removal, as well as unclean shutdowns resulting from power outages.
  • Operates automatically, invisibly and silently in the background, with no user interaction required.
  • Uses file fragmentation prevention technology to improve file system performance using Diskeeper® high performance defragmentation engines.
  • Supports ATA8-ACS2 TRIM specifications for SSD optimization.
Key Benefits
  • ExpressCache speeds up overall system, boot up, and application performance (cache hit rates in 80% – 99% range).
  • Any combination of SSD and HDD can be used, making it a far more flexible solution than Hybrid Hard Drives. Individual components can be upgraded independent of the other.
  • ExpressCache increases file system performance while maintaining the full safety and integrity of all system data.
  • ExpressCache provides superior overall performance than SSD systems at a fraction of the cost.

ExpressCache is available for license to OEMs and computer manufacturers for broad scale deployment.

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