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Get Boot-time Optimization with HyperBoot™ Instant-on Technology

Boot up times are a notable complaint of Windows® systems users. As applications are added or profiles expand, boot-up times become longer and longer. To address these issues, OEMs add more powerful CPUs, more memory, faster HDDs — all expensive solutions requiring design and manufacturing changes that can result in a less competitive market price.

While there are some solutions on the market called "instant-on" that boot into a thin software layer or cloud-based app, they don't actually accelerate Windows boot-up instead booting into a different OS altogether.

Condusiv Technologies has created the industry-leading software product that actually accelerates full computer start up and boots a PC directly into Windows — HyperBoot™.

Key Features
  • Economical software-based solution to make initial out-of-the-box boot-up speeds significantly faster
  • Works for netbooks, tablets, notebooks and desktop systems running Microsoft Windows 7 or XP operating systems
  • Speeds boot time and automatically maintain optimal boot times without the need of any end-user interaction and with no impact on system resources.
  • Maintains an optimal boot-up time over the life of the system by on-going tracking of boot times and proper updating of the boot plan based on actual I/O from recent boots when warranted
  • Includes intelligent scheduling on battery power systems so that it does not impact the available battery time of the system
  • Uses state-of-the-art caching to provide boot speeds above and beyond Windows ReadyBoot
  • Test results (as measured with Microsoft Velocity Test Suite) show up to 30+% improvement of “boot to desktop” and up to 40+% for “boot to complete.”
Key Benefits:
  • Fastest Boot-up times in the industry
  • Boot-up times do not degrade over time
  • Consistent user experience
  • Can be applied to all existing and future laptops, notebooks, netbooks, and desktops
  • The most cost effective solution for slow boot-up times

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