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Computer Optimization Using InvisiTasking® Technology

InvisiTasking is a revolutionary, unique development in system resource usage! InvisiTasking improves on the scheduler in the operating system in a way that avoids the usual overhead. Using InvisiTasking, a program can run fast and efficiently with zero system resource conflicts.

How InvisiTasking works

InvisiTasking monitors the resources (CPU, I/O, Networking) of a system. When these resources are not in demand by the user (or other tasks in the system), InvisiTasking permits the execution of small tasks of work. Should any demand for resource appear, these tasks are sidelined immediately eliminating resource contention.

InvisiTasking in Diskeeper® 12 performance technology

One of the critical issues with defragmentation has always been balancing active defragmentation with low system resource use. With InvisiTasking included in Diskeeper 12, critical background defragmentation operations can be run even during the heaviest traffic times with zero resource conflicts.

InvisiTasking in HyperBoot and ExpressCache

HyperBoot and ExpressCache use InvisiTasking to run their background operations related to the system boot plan and cache management. Thanks to InvisiTasking, HyperBoot and ExpressCache background operations can run with zero resource conflicts by using the available resources without competing with other applications or the OS.

InvisiTasking in V-locity® VM virtual platform performance optimizer

Condusiv Technologies has created a vital component previously missing from virtualized environment productivity.

V-locity VM with exclusive InvisiTasking® background technology and IntelliWrite® fragmentation prevention technology is designed to enormously improve the performance and efficiency of all VMware ESX/ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor virtual platforms automatically, intelligently and transparently.

InvisiTasking in Undelete® real time data protection

Undelete® 10 protects deleted files that the Windows® recycle bin and backup systems miss: deletions from network shares, earlier version deletions, command line deletions, deleted files that are too large for the recycle bin, and many more. Because Undelete operates relentlessly in the background, it is important that it doesn't compete with applications for system resources. InvisiTasking ensures Undelete achieves its maximum effect with zero system resource overhead.

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