Diskeeper’s ExpressCache Helps PC Manufactures Far Exceed Ultrabook Specifications

Diskeeper’s ExpressCache Helps PC Manufactures Far Exceed Ultrabook Specifications

ExpressCache SSD caching software has been adopted by global PC manufacturers. The product dramatically increases boot speed, application launch, speeds data access and fully optimizes system performance at a fraction of the cost of pure SSD.

Burbank, CA, January 12, 2012—Condusiv Technologies, the leader in optimization, performance and responsiveness technologies announces that ExpressCache, the leading SSD caching software, now gives PC OEMs the edge in far exceeding the responsiveness specification for Ultrabook systems. ExpressCache has been adopted by leading OEMs to provide enhanced boot speed, fast launch of applications and fast access to frequently used files while simultaneously providing system optimization.

"ExpressCache is an intelligent caching solution that leverages the fast read speed of a small density SSD to provide the end user with the near look, feel, performance of a pure SSD system but at a fraction of the cost”, said Steve Borochoff, VP Global OEM Sales for Diskeeper. “This solution has been deployed in current notebooks and desktops by major OEM’s and also meets the new Intel Ultrabook responsiveness specification."

ExpressCache is being featured this week at CES in the Samsung Notebook Series 5 ULTRA and Series 7 CHRONOS. The technology will be included in a number of OEMs systems being released in 2012.

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