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Welcome to the Diskeeper third-party firewall support section.

Diskeeper Administrator and managed installations of Diskeeper communicate across their respective networks. When a firewall is involved, there are some configuration steps that may be needed, prior to running Diskeeper, for this communication to occur.

Standalone [non-networked] machines running Professional or Home Edition –

In some cases, if you have firewall software installed on your standalone system, it may display messages and indications that Diskeeper is attempting to make communications on your system whether you're using the client editions or the Administrator Edition. Not to worry, this is a normal indication that Diskeeper is successfully attempting communications. Diskeeper does not use the internet to communicate but uses its own communication among its components to function.

It is perfectly okay for you to allow or block the messages or communications warnings that the firewall may generate. Diskeeper will continue to function either way. If it does not, please visit the Technical Support page.

Networked machines running Professional or Server Editions –
In order for systems running firewalls to be able to utilize communications between the Administrator Edition and the Professional or Server editions, some components need to be added to your firewall (see below).
Diskeeper Professional and Server Editions (for systems that are clients) –
  The following items or ports need to be enabled on your firewall if it is installed on the client machine:
• Port number 139 and Port number 445 - File and Print Sharing
• Port number 31038 and port number 31058.
Diskeeper Administrator Edition (for a system that is host/server) –
  1. Port number 139 and Port number 445- File and Print Sharing
2. Port number 31029, Port number 31037, Port number 31036, and Port number 31056.
Additional components of Diskeeper that may need to be added to your firewall’s “White-list/exceptions list”:
i. Diskeeper Administrator - C:\Program Files\Diskeeper Corporation\Diskeeper Administrator\DKAdmin.exe
ii. DiskeeperAdminService - C:\Program Files\ Diskeeper Corporation \Diskeeper Administrator\DKSAdmin.exe
iii. Microsoft Management Console- mmc.exe C:\Windows\system32\mmc.exe
iv. Diskeeper Corporation Remote Installation- esri.exe
C:\Program Files\ Diskeeper Corporation \Diskeeper Administrator\RemoteInstall\esri.exe

If you are running Diskeeper Administrator and Diskeeper Professional or Server Editions on the same machine, please run both configuration steps mentioned above.

If you are using a standard Windows firewall, please exit out of this document and go into the Windows Firewall section of our website for more information.

After properly configuring your network and firewall settings, if you are still running into trouble using Diskeeper, please check with your firewall provider to see what other actions can be taken to use 3rd party software in conjunction with the firewall. Go to the Technical Support page if you are still having trouble.