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Diskeeper 12 Now Includes HyperFast

Increase the Speed and Performance of Both Hard Drives and Solid State Drives

With the release of Diskeeper 12, HyperFast is now included with all Diskeeper editions.

HyperFast is the only technology designed specifically to produce faster performance in solid state drives running on Microsoft® operating systems. HyperFast organizes user data using SSD and TRIM to improve performance. The HyperFast feature will only be enabled if a solid state drive is recognized.

How Fragmentation Affects SSD Performance

Solid state drives are generally considered to be faster, more powerful, more efficient and in some respects more reliable than hard drives.

The Problem

SSDs start out really fast and then quickly start to lose their speed and over time become subject to corruption.

SSDs require that old data be erased before new data is written over it, rather than just writing over the old information like with hard drives. This doubles the wear and tear and can cause major issues.

The principle issue is write speed degradation due to free space fragmentation. Small free spaces scattered across the SSD cause the file system to write a file in fragmented pieces to those small available free spaces. By doing so, it degrades write performance by as much as 80% to the solid state drive.

SSDs can only write so many times to the drive as they have a finite number of writes that they can perform. Due to the doubling effect of needing to read and erase before it can write again, SSDs undergo twice as much use.

As the SSD approaches its limit, more fragmentation and write errors occur, causing SSD slows. Write performance decreases proportionately as free space fragmentation increases. All SSDs will suffer from this problem at one point or another unless HyperFast is used to optimize the solid state drive.

The Solution

Diskeeper with HyperFast keeps your system running as fast as when you purchased it, by optimizing the free space on your SSD. The HyperFast feature, included with Diskeeper 12 specifically solves these issues by intelligently eliminating performance–degrading free space fragmentation which can promote random rather than the more efficient sequential writes to occur. This technology along with the IntelliWrite Technology promotes the more efficient and beneficial sequential writes to occur rather than random writes

HyperFast comes standard with Diskeeper 12 Home, Professional and Server editions.

  • SSD Speed – by creating and maintaining optimized free space, so files can be written sequentially.
  • SSD Reliability – by eliminating write speed degradation due to free space fragmentation.
  • SSD Lifespan – by reducing unnecessary I/O activity and putting free space back together.
  • Performance Gains – by automatically providing faster reads and writes.
  • Hardware Replacements – by extending solid state drive lifespan by up to 3 additional years.
  • Overtime – by decreasing the need for off-production, after-hour SSD optimization and maintenance.
  • Lost Production – by allowing users to work faster with peak SSD performance at all times.

See for yourself the difference Diskeeper 12 with HyperFast can make on the speed and performance of your solid state drive PCs, laptops and servers.

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