Background Processing

Despite the considerable sophistication of today’s programs, processes, CPUs and operating systems, it is still fairly common for resource conflicts to occur. This can be especially true of background processes that are designed to run while other tasks are being performed. Condusiv Technologies Background Processing Solutions

Virus scans and other types of jobs create enough of an impact that they must run when few to no users are on the system, however such downtime may not exist in today’s organizations. With increasing demands that businesses and systems operate continuously, a window in which to run such programs may rarely occur.

The choice then becomes not running the programs at all, or to run them despite user activity.

In such instances, background processes must be run no matter the impact on the system, with the hope that the system isn’t slowed to the extent that users and processes are seriously impacted.

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The Key to Seamless Background Processing

Condusiv’s InvisiTasking® technology improves the scheduler in the operating system so that usual overhead associated with this type of processing is avoided. InvisiTasking is the engine that enables Condusiv’s V-locity® and Diskeeper® to run with zero resource conflicts.

InvisiTasking operates by monitoring the CPU, I/O and networking within a system. As these resources become available—meaning not needed by a process or user—they are utilized for the execution of small tasks. As higher-priority processes require the resources, the task or tasks are immediately sidelined so that absolutely no resource contention occurs. In V-locity® VM, for example, InvisiTasking allows the product’s numerous operations in optimizing virtual platform performance to work seamlessly in the background.

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