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Slow Boot-ups

Slow boot up is a productivity drain; never mind the frustration it causes to IT and the users they support. Having applications and files stored contiguously is a key factor in keeping PCs stable and performing at peak efficiency.

Condusiv Technologies Slow PC Boot Ups Solution The moment a file is fragmented and scattered across the disk drive (file fragmentation), it opens the door to a host of stability and reliability issues.

The most common problems caused by file fragmentation are slow boot times, inability to boot up at all, slow or aborted backups, file corruption and data loss, crashes and system hangs, memory problems, and hard drive failures.

Fragmentation is a major factor in slow boot times. While a system is booting up, there is a rush of data being transferred from the hard disk into the system memory to get the operating system ready for use. This initial burst of data during boot up is where fragmentation first becomes problematic.

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Are new PCs also affected by slow boot-up?

Fragmentation even affects new computers. A freshly-installed operating system starts off with its files so badly fragmented that a simple defragmentation can decrease the boot time from 153.9 seconds to 111.8 seconds. That’s a 27.4% reduction in elapsed time. Without installing and running Condusiv’s Diskeeper® on Windows systems, you will never know how responsive your PCs could be.

Diskeeper offers a proactive approach to performance, preventing degradation in Windows performance by eliminating nearly all fragmentation from occurring at the Windows level, before files are written in a performance-penalized state. With its patented, proactive IntelliWrite® technology, Diskeeper keeps laptops and workstations running like new, resulting in increased productivity and lower costs by extending the useful life of existing hardware. IT professionals who support a fleet of laptops no longer wrestle with persistent performance HelpDesk calls.

Where typical defragmentation utilities consume resources to operate, and deal with the problem after the performance penalty has already been incurred, Diskeeper is the only proactive solution that solves the problem in real-time while running transparently in the background.

"With Diskeeper, we’ve noticed our PC boot times are now ¼ of what they used to be."
- Angela McCord, Network Administrator, LexJet

"We were experiencing a slow, steady decline in PC and laptop performance. Slower start-ups, files opening slower, and even saving slower. With Diskeeper, our Windows systems have been running like new and we no longer worry about it."
- Tom Jobling, Reloconnect

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