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The life of any company flows through its email servers. Email servers like Exchange take a beating from the sheer volume of communication that is essential to company activity. Email Server

When email files are written to disk or SSD, files are broken into smaller and smaller pieces with each piece requiring its own dedicated input/output (I/O) operation to be processed from server to storage.

As this occurs, the number of I/Os necessary to perform a single task grow exponentially. I/O bottlenecks worsen and help desk calls escalate.

How can I improve my Email Server performance?

The first thing is to realize that resource waste begins right at the O/S level when files are split apart into incresingly smaller pieces before being written to disk or SSD—creating a surplus of unnecessary I/O. Because this is happening right at the application, at the top of the technology stack, the repercussions can be wide ranging and hard to source. Many system administrators think declining system response is simply part of the cost of doing business. But if unnecessary I/O is corrected or prevented before it can happen, many system issues disappear and storage space is used more effectively.

Exchange Servers are one of the first server types to be virtualized. Virtual Machines running on Windows NTFS file systems inherit all the split and unnecessary I/Os of a logical drive on a physical disk. Some administrators mistakenly think their SAN environments are immune to this, but the truth is, the problem is even worse in a virtualized environment, where millions of unnecessary I/Os are pushed down into the SAN layer, forcing it to work harder due to this "death by a thousand cuts" scenario of many small writes and reads.

Condusiv solutions address root cause performance issues at the point of origin where I/O is created by ensuring large, clean contiguous writes from Windows to eliminate the “death by a thousand cuts” scenario of many small writes and reads that chew up performance. Condusiv solutions electrify performance even further with the addition of DRAM caching – using idle DRAM to serve hot reads without creating an issue of memory contention or resource starvation. Condusiv’s “Set It and Forget It” software optimizes both writes and reads and guarantees to solve your toughest application performance challenges or your money back for 90 days – no questions asked.

“With all of the file activity on Exchange, the system was dragging. Condusiv made those issues all but memories." - Charles Roberson, Information Services Manager, Placid Refining Company LLC

"Our Exchange cluster suffered from freeze ups and major database corruption issues. Now, the complaints about the email system, which were frequent, are now almost non-existent." - Gretchen Gantzer, Network Admin, Canoga Perkins

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