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Data Backup

More data, more storage requirements, more data retrieval and longer retention of data have made the speed and efficiency of regular backups a vital component of corporate IT success.

Data Backup And yet, the time required for file-based data backup continues to increase while the time allotted for it remains constant. This is a critical issue and becomes more important when it is understood that despite advances in backup technology, backup speeds continue to slow as a direct result of increasingly non-optimized data on the disk.

Data backup involves file access that creates millions of I/Os to reads and write. Each I/O represents a unit of time and a degree of latency. Backup times creep up and quickly exceed their windows. Solutions to handle this, including more hardware, will never be effective if the underlying cause is not eliminated or prevented in the first place.

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How can I increase the speed of my backups?

I/O optimization software, which prevents the surplus of unnecessary read and write I/O from being created, dramatically decreases backup times. While different backup tools will be differently affected by excessive I/O, the majority of V-locity customers are surprised by the huge improvement in backup speeds and completion rates.

V-locity® uniquely addresses the unnecessary I/O patterns of reads and writes by aggregating data on writes to perform sequentially while caching reads on available server memory without contention to the application. As a result, V-locity boosts application performance by 50% or more by (1) maximizing the efficiency of every single I/O from write requests that leave the server and (2) caching the most active data from read requests using available server memory.

Read I/O Optimization – Much of the I/O traffic moving through the infrastructure shares similar data, yet every byte of that data travels the entire distance from server to storage and back for every I/O request, even when it is frequently accessed data. IntelliMemory technology addresses this read request inefficiency by caching the most active data in the server’s available memory. Should an application require more memory, V-locity serves memory back to the application to ensure there is never a case of memory starvation or resource contention. Condusiv Technologies’ self-learning caching algorithms have set the gold standard for the industry as they are OEM’d by eight of the top ten largest PC manufacturers in the world.

Write I/O Optimization – V-locity’s IntelliWrite® technology optimizes I/O write operations, eliminating the performance penalties associated with the Windows OS, splitting files into pieces and writing each piece to a different logical location within the SAN or NAS. V-locity is aware of space allocation and aggregates writes to behave sequentially—requiring less I/O for every file written. Subsequent reads also benefit, since only minimum I/O is required to fulfill the request. As a result, only productive I/O requests are processed across the entire infrastructure, enabling more data to be processed in the same amount of time. When only productive I/O traffic is processed through the server, network and storage, I/Os per second are accelerated, latency is greatly reduced, and more work can be performed in the same amount of time. This greatly improves the efficiency of all VMware ESX/ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual platforms and physical servers for increased bandwidth.

"I've seen as much as an 88% improved backup time on one server."
– Angela McCord, Network Administator, LexJet