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VMware® virtualization is a thorough progression in computing benefits. Such benefits include substantial reductions in hardware resources, considerable space and energy savings, and much more. Moving to cloud computing with VMware virtualization of desktops, applications and servers allows for greater efficiency and agility while retaining control and freedom of choice.

An enormous amount of I/O traffic is completely unnecessary—and the problem is exacerbated in virtual environments. Facing performance bottlenecks, organizations respond by investing in more hardware—trying to solve performance issues reactively, rather than applying an efficient approach. By optimizing I/O at the source, before it gets pushed through the server, network and storage, performance issues are eliminated across the infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of hardware.

V-locity® uniquely addresses the unnecessary I/O patterns of reads and writes by aggregating data on writes to perform sequentially while caching reads on available server memory without contention to the application. As a result, V-locity boosts application performance by 50% or more by (1) maximizing the efficiency of every single I/O from write requests that leave the server and (2) caching the most active data from read requests using available server memory.

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How to Optimize VMware Platforms

Expressly developed for virtual platform optimization, V-locity I/O optimization software is the sole solution for optimizing VMware platform performance. Requiring little to no manual intervention, V-locity maximizes application I/O performance and storage utilization transparently, automatically and cost effectively.

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"For peak performance of Guest OSs running Windows, VMware recommends Best Practice maintenance with V-locity virtual platform optimizer, a VMware-ready solution." - VMware

"We're running VMWare ESX and V-locity was deployed shortly after the purchase. We have reduced our overhead maintenance by 90-95%. V-locity prevents a significant amount of I/O and greatly improves performance."
- Maziyar Mirabedini, Constellation HomeBuilder System MCITP Database Administrator

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