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Latest Product Information

V-locity® Endpoint is an upgrade to Diskeeper® 12 Professional. V-locity Endpoint reduces I/Os to disk with its patented IntelliMemory® DRAM caching technology and fragmentation prevention with IntelliWrite® technology.

V-locity Features:

  • New! IntelliMemory® DRAM caching technology

    IntelliMemory® DRAM caching technology reduces I/Os to disk by intelligently caching active data within available system memory.

  • New! Enhanced reporting

    Enhanced reporting displays health and performance gains for the system. Reports include: Before/After Benefit Analyzer report, Recent activity report, and 7-day history.

  • IntelliWrite® 2.0

    IntelliWrite® 2.0 has been enhanced to prevent fragmentation from occurring so that files are written in an optimal sequential state.

  • InvisiTasking® 2.0

    InvisiTasking® 2.0 intelligent monitoring technology has been enhanced to allow all V-locity Endpoint "background" operations within the system to run with zero resource impact on current activities. It also accounts for remote access to local drives.

  • Instant Defrag™

    Instant Defrag™ has been enhanced to work only on files that are known to cause performance problems that were not caught by IntelliWrite in real-time.

Please read the V-locity Endpoint Release notes. Call your Condusiv Sales Rep at 1-800-829-6468 for more information about V-locity Endpoint.