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Keep PCs Running Better than New
V-locity Endpoint Features

For IT professionals who need to deploy V-locity® Endpoint across a fleet of laptops or workstations, the Diskeeper Administration console enables seamless network deployment. For corporate PCs and laptops, V-locity® Endpoint is the only highly efficient, proactive, Set It and Forget It® software for maximum performance—making it the #1 utility for keeping Windows systems running better than new.

  • IntelliMemory® read I/O Optimization Technology

    Intelligently caches active data within available system memory to boost response times of applications and files.

  • IntelliWrite® write I/O Optimization Technology

    Automatically prevents split I/Os (unnecessary I/Os) from being generated when a file is broken into pieces, or fragmented, before being written to disk.

  • InvisiTasking® Intelligent Monitoring Technology

    Allows V-locity “background” operations within the system to run with zero resource impact on current activities.

  • HyperFast® SSD Optimizer Technology

    Produces faster performance in solid state drives running on Microsoft operating systems. The HyperFast feature includes TRIM functionality and is enabled only if a solid-state drive is recognized.

  • HyperBoot®

    Speeds boot times by strategically moving files into sequential order on hard drives to minimize the number of I/O requests and random I/Os during the boot process.

  • Instant Defrag™ Engine

    Monitors volumes for any remaining file fragments that were not eliminated by IntelliWrite®

  • Disk Health Monitoring

    Monitors SMART disk data, checks for critical file system problems, warns of critical problems or an imminent disk failure, generates alerts by e-mail or text messages for 24/7 monitoring.

  • System Monitoring

    Monitors system environment activities and provides a summary of the statistical data gathered for system performance monitoring.

  • Terabyte Volume Engine® Technology

    Engineered to rapidly defragment volumes with hundreds of thousands of files.

  • Efficient Mode

    In addition to an extensive defrag mode, Efficient Mode offers the greatest net gain in system I/O resource savings ever available. It immediately targets and eliminates only fragmentation that directly affects system performance.

  • Free Space Consolidation Engine

    Swiftly consolidates free space and tightly integrates with Instant Defrag to handle new fragmentation as soon as it is created.

  • Enhanced Analysis Reports

    Rich reporting functionality that displays health and performance gains for the system. Reports include: Before/After Benefit Analyzer report, Recent activity report, and 7-day history.

  • Network Management Support

    Easily manage V-locity® Endpoint settings and functionality across the network through the Diskeeper Administrator edition or Group Policy.