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Well-known consultant and analyst Marc Staimer, Dragon Slayer Consulting, discusses the gap between the I/O growth rate vs. gains in infrastructure to handle it. Hear more from Marc about the I/O performance gap, the inability of hardware to keep up, and how V-locity offers an efficient software approach to solving the I/O problem.

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Leading analysts from Taneja Group present Why Hardware for VM Performance Should be Your 2nd Option. In this webinar, learn about V-locity—a software-only performance solution guaranteed to meet and exceed your application SLAs.

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This webinar explores the key barriers to performance in virtual machine (VM) environments and how V-locity overcomes these barriers enabling 50% better performance with no additional hardware.

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V-locity – Accelerating Applications on Physical Servers
This webinar looks at the performance conundrum facing IT organizations around the globe and how V-locity can deliver 50% better performance for I/O intensive applications like SQL and Exchange on physical servers without additional hardware.

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Quick Take Videos

Truth in IT presents “Frequently Unasked Questions,” highlighting V-locity software and how it increases application and storage performance while controlling the data center footprint.

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Learn why fragmentation is still a problem with SSDs. This "Quick take" video explores how SSDs become fragmented and why SSDs give you less than the manufacturers stated performance values and how Diskeeper addresses this issue using HyperFast technology, specifically designed for solid state drive performance. View Fragmented SSD Diagram.

Why Fragmentation is Still a Problem with SSDs »

Learn why the Built-in Defrag in Windows 7, 8 and Server 2012 is not good enough. This "Quick take" video demonstrates how running the built-in defrag after the fact, doesn't address the real problem. Learn how Diskeeper uses prevention to help customers proactively address the issue of fragmentation with astounding results. View Defrag Diagram.

Why Windows Built-in Defrag is Not Good Enough »

Learn how files are written to a storage device in the Windows file system and why these files create unnecessary I/O requests. This "Quick take" video explores how Diskeeper and V-locity allows you reduce these I/O requests, allowing the underlying storage performance to become increasingly more efficient. View I/O Request Diagram featured in this video.

I/O Request Path: Why Unnecessary I/Os are Created »

Learn why it's important to optimize file systems in virtual environments. This "Quick take" video explains how V-locity can be used to optimize your files, reduce your I/O activity, speed up your application and file access times, and increase your overall virtual environment efficiencies. View the I/O Traffic Diagram for virtual environments featured in this video.

Virtualization - I/O Traffic on Virtual Machines »

Learn how to optimize SAN tiered storage to get the maximum throughput possible. This "Quick take" video explores how V-locity virtual disk optimizer gives you more throughput, greater levels of efficiency and better utilization of your SAN tiered storage, all with no added overhead. View SAN Tiered Storage diagram featured in this video.

How to Optimize SAN Tiered Storage »

Maximize the use of your disk storage through space reclamation by using Diskeeper performance software. With this "Quick take" video, you will learn how you can reclaim disk storage space quickly and easily to get the most out of your existing disk space. View Space Reclamation Diagram featured in this video.

Space Reclamation with Diskeeper: How It Works »

Increase the efficiency of your virtual environment through the use of space reclamation. In a thin provisioned environment storage space is better utilized but it does not shrink. In this "Quick take" video you will learn how V-locity allows you to reclaim your storage space for more efficient use of your virtual machines. View Space Reclamation Diagram featured in this video.

Space Reclamation with V-locity: How It Works »

Learn how to optimize your physical and virtual servers, laptops, PCs using Diskeeper and V-locity. This "Quick take" video explains how to create a storage performance deployment plan that reduces I/O traffic and prevents fragmentation to ensure optimum system performance across your entire network. View Storage Performance Deployment Plan featured in this video.

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In business everything changes and nothing moves faster than technology. Learn how Condusiv Technologies can help your company keep pace with the ever-changing world of technology.

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