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Microsoft Hyper-V® hypervisor virtualization brings an entire evolution of new benefits to computing – including substantial hardware resource savings, reductions in space and energy, and much more. There are several issues which must be addressed, however, in order for virtual machines to deliver the efficiency and service for which they are intended.

An enormous amount of I/O traffic is completely unnecessary—and the problem is exacerbated in virtual environments. Facing performance bottlenecks, organizations respond by investing in more hardware—trying to solve performance issues reactively, rather than applying an efficient approach. By optimizing I/O at the source, before it gets pushed through the server, network and storage, performance issues are eliminated across the infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of hardware.

V-locity® uniquely addresses the unnecessary I/O patterns of reads and writes by aggregating data on writes to perform sequentially while caching reads on available server memory without contention to the application. As a result, V-locity boosts application performance by 50% or more by (1) maximizing the efficiency of every single I/O from write requests that leave the server and (2) caching the most active data from read requests using available server memory.

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How Are Hyper-V Platforms Optimized?

V-locity’s IntelliWrite® technology automatically prevents the operating system from breaking files into pieces and writing those pieces in a performance-penalized manner. This proactive approach improves performance up to 50% while preventing any impact to advanced storage features like snapshots replication, data deduplication or thin provisioning growth.

Unnecessary I/Os are eliminated, resulting in faster I/O throughput, and the ability to add VMs without a drop in performance. With IntelliMemory caching technology, V-locity also uses RAM cache to greatly improve file reads performance, while lowering the number of drive I/Os created. Combined, the additional benefits of these technologies include increased VM density, increased platform reliability, improved application performance, lower operating costs and increased hardware lifespan.

"We were experiencing longer and longer response times from servers in our Hyper-V environment. After installing V-locity, we've noticed a performance increase in the desktops and a large gain in our Hyper-V environment."
— António Soares, Responsável Fertagus-Travessia do Tejo. Transportes S.A.

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